Week 6 - Drawing, carving, drawing, carving...

Once again, the days are filled with drawing and carving, drawing and carving - i cannot tell you how quickly they fly by.

Monday began looking again at the minuscule alphabet. My efforts over the weekend were rather heavy weight and would be better suited to Portland, said Chris, than the slate that they will be carved in. It wasn’t entirely an accident as I was imitating more closely the proportions given for foundational lettering with a broad edge pen. The drawn alphabets for carving tend to be a little lighter, especially for slate.

So, Monday morning was taken up drawing letters again, slightly lighter weight and 30 mm high, so that they complement the capital alphabet that I’m in the process of carving.

The Trajan alphabet

I have done a little over the weekend, and almost immediately made an error. On the bottom left hand corner of the U, I have introduced a corner.

As a family we had planned to go walking in the afternoon, and I just wanted to get some carving done first. Quite what I was thinking I don’t know - something I have learnt so far is that it is better to take the time to carve something well than to rush to carve something badly. But go ahead i did and immediately made the error, and then immediately stopped, knowing that in that frame of mind, nothing good was going to happen.

On the Monday morning, back in the workshop it was clear that the letters done so far are all underweight - a symptom of my feeling a little anxious at approaching the drawn outline of the letter. The Z I had carved last week is slightly heavier weight, so I can probably 'weight the U up' a little and disguise the deformation.

For the time being, however, I have left it as it is, and continued with letters W, X, V and the beginning of the P. I will complete a first pass of the whole alphabet before returning to correct the U, and any other mistakes, afterwards.

More of the enjoyable same for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then. Drawing minuscules and carving caps - I would really like to finish the current drawing of the minuscule alphabet and then correct it according to her Chris's guidance. This would mean i can then look at spacing and layout, so that next week I can start laying out preparing the stone etc. for the minuscule alphabet while completing the Trajan alphabet, and even perhaps beginning to think about Italic.

So much to learn.
So much fun.


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