Week 5 - Minuscule drawings or drawing minuscules

Another short week due to these blasted bank holidays sees me spend just 2 full days in the workshop, and the rest of the days wishing I was in the workshop.

The fifth week begins on a Tuesday again, a short week due to the bank holiday - May is a bad month for learning it seems. I really feel that this time is so valuable, so precious. I need to make sure that I am maximising the value that I get from the time I have with Chris [and Tom].

I did manage to steal some time from the family on Monday to draw out the first draft of a minuscule alphabet. It needs a lot of work. I can immediately see things that are wrong with almost every letter, and with the alphabet as a whole - when you stand back to look at it, they look too different to be a family of letters.

I also didn’t carve at all at the weekend, and I need to be carving every day. Chris has said it is like a pianist - if he didn't practice for one day then he would notice the difference, if he didn’t practice for two days then other professional pianists would notice the difference, but if he didn’t practice for three days everybody would see the difference.

Now I’m not at a level where I could be said to have reached anything approaching perfection, but daily practice will give me daily improvements and I need them 'cause iI am a long way away.

So, this week was mornings of drawing minuscules and understanding the forms better. I have done a little [poor] calligraphy with a broad edge Pilot Parallel Pen to see how the letters are informed by the pen. The afternoons have been carving practice letters to make sure i feel ready to tackle to alphabet proper.

On Wednesday, recognising that if left to my own devices, i may never start the carved alphabet, Chris persuaded me to make a start. Surprisingly, for me anyway, the Z [starting at the end] turned out ok. Onwards and upwards...


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